New ParentsĀ 

CONGRATULATIONS upon the birth of your child! Because your child was born with Down syndrome, it is our desire to help you gain information and support for the journey that lies ahead.

The birth of a new baby is, and should be, a time for celebration and the feeling of joy. Your baby may not be as you have dreamed, but please let us assure you that your baby is more like other babies than unlike. Just like all babies, your baby needs you for your guidance, your safe-keeping and, most importantly, your loving. We realize that with the birth of your child with Down syndrome, you may have entered into a whole new world - one that can be confusing and filled with deep feelings at first. It is our hope that through information and support, you will be able to gain an understanding of your feelings, of your baby's special needs, and of the love your baby has to offer.

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