About Us 

The Down Syndrome Association of Central New York, Inc. is a group of parents, family, and friends of individuals with Down syndrome.  We are located in and around Syracuse, New York which is part of Onondaga County.  Our membership extends into the surrounding counties such as Madison, Cortland, Cayuga, Oswego and Oneida.

Our purpose is to support one another in the challenges we face; to educate the community both in its knowledge and perception of Down syndrome; to advocate for our children and to be available to other parents.

We meet regularly via meetings or social functions throughout the year. Making Connections, a one-day conference where specialists in the field of Down syndrome and related topics, help our families become connected with the services available in the community.  The workshops include a luncheon enabling our families to become connected to one another.

A quarterly newsletter is published which includes a summary of previous meetings, calendar of events, websites pertaining to Down syndrome, and up-to-date information about medical advances, community resources and recent publications.

Members have access to a library full of current publications including children's books, inspirational books, reference books, novels, videos, journals, and news articles. Also a directory is printed periodically listing all of the families in our membership to enable and encourage friendships.

We provide hospital visitations for parents whose children require heart surgery and for new parents.  All area hospitals are supplied information packets to be given out to the new parents of a child with Down syndrome so they leave the hospital with all the latest information available.

The Down Syndrome Association of Central New York is an affiliate of the National Down Syndrome Society and the National Down Syndrome Congress.

It is our desire to bring out into the open the potentials and contributions of individuals who have Down syndrome. We are convinced that once this is done, the lives of those who see it will never be the same. 

Down Syndrome Association of Central New York, Inc.
Post Office Box 5
Manlius, New York 13104-0005